How Long Does Ativan Stay in Your System

How Long Does Ativan Stay in Your System?

Ativan Stay in Your System

Ativan is a benzodiazepine medication that is prescribed to treat seizures and anxiety. It accelerates the GABA, which induces a calming effect on the body and mind. To your surprise, it is a common drug of abuse.

Many people take it for recreational purposes, and that’s where the problem arises as Ativan must be taken under the supervision of your doctor. It works by depressing CNS and inducing calming sensations in the body and mind. If you are a frequent user of Ativan, then the chances are high that Ativan will stay in your System for long.

 Ativan is a fast-acting drug, and it has a long half-life. The medication’s half-life is 12 hours, its metabolite will be chucked out of the System every 12 hours, and it will take  5- 6 half-life to get out of the System completely. In addition, several other factors also determine how long it will stay in the System and for how long it will be detected in a drug screening.

Drug screening for Ativan

Several tests can detect Ativan’s presence, which is used to screen the presence of the drug metabolite. Here are a few tests and how long it is seen in different tests.

Urine tests

Urine tests will show Ativan six days after the last dose, or one week and the active metabolite glucuronide is identified for up to nine days.

Blood test

 A blood test can detect Ativan in the bloodstream within six hours of ingestion. If you take it for an extended period, it may take longer to clear from the System.

 Hair test  

A hair follicle test can detect Ativan over a prolonged period, and Ativan and its metabolite can be seen for one month in the hair follicle after the exposure. 

Saliva test

The detection for Ativan is only eight hours after the last use; in addition, saliva tests are not used for drugs and are not used for drug screening.

What are some Factors that affect how long Ativan Stays in the System?

Dosage Of Ativan

The dose of ATIVAN plays a pivotal role; both the amount and its frequency of use can affect how long it will stay in the System.

If you are a heavy user, your drug screening test will come positive 90 days after quitting. 

People who use benzo regularly can come positive even after 45 days of last use of lorazepam.

Apart from that, other factors also affect how long metabolites of Ativan will be detected- other substances that you are taking along with Ativan, including Alcohol as it enhances the drug’s effect.

Body type

Drug metabolites are usually stored in the fat cell in the body. If the body fat content is higher, it will take more time to metabolize and excrete Bid.

In addition, women metabolize benzo slower because they tend to lower body fat levels. Petite and small-built people tend to have slower removal of the drug in comparison with people who are tall and are of muscular build.


Typically older individuals eliminate Ativan slowly as they slow metabolism, decrease organ function, low blood flow, and other health issues that affect the removal of the drug from the body. In addition, young individuals can quickly get rid of the Ativan from the System compared to older adults.

How to get Ativan out of your System?

Many times, people are not even aware of its side effects. As a result, sudden and abrupt drug discontinuation will result in severe withdrawal symptoms. In addition, to get rid of the metabolite, it is essential to follow specific tips as this will help you manage the condition best, and it will take two to three weeks to get rid of the System. Here are a few steps that increase the  removal of the drug from the system.

Stay Hydrated

Increasing water intake is a natural way to detox the body, and hydration is one of those essential processes. The more water you drink, the Ativan metabolites will leave your System.


It is needless to mention regular exercise will not only help you stay fit and agile, but at the same time, it will help you manage your condition in the best way; therefore, it is essential to follow a healthy lifestyle.

Get a good night’s sleep!

A good night’s sleep is crucial. Therefore, it is essential for a healthy lifestyle and to sleep seven to nine hours to help rebuild and repair class and clear out the toxin that accumulates through the day.

How to quit Ativan?

Do not stop Ativan cold turkey/ abruptly as it may result in severe withdrawal symptoms that often can derail your health; therefore, it is essential to seek professional intervention. An ideal case scenario would be to follow a holistic approach when quitting Ativan. Tread on the road to recovery without struggling with nasty withdrawal symptoms.


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