Can You Take Adderall on an Empty Stomach?

Can You Take Adderall on an Empty Stomach?

About Adderall!

Adderall is an oral prescription medication for the management of ADHD and Narcolepsy. It is a mixture of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. It is part of drugs called stimulants that works in the brain and CNS, and it works by balancing the natural substances in the brain dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine.

It is used for therapeutic and nontherapeutic purposes as it increases attention span, focus, and listening ability. It also improves cognition, and athletes also use it for performance enhancement.

  • Adderall comes in two forms. 
  • Adderall oral tablet( immediate release)
  • Adderall XR oral capsule( extended-release)

Immediate release(IR) means the drug is released into your body straight after taking a dose. 

The extended-release refers to the drug that is released into your body gradually. Usually, it is taken once daily OR twice, or thrice a day, depending on many other factors. Adderall is available in different strengths, and as per the etiology and severity of the symptoms, your doctor will often prescribe you medication for sustained relief. A common question that comes to mind is Can you take Adderall on an empty stomach? Well, your prescribing practitioner will determine the dose and how you should take it – empty stomach OR after a meal for optimum relief.

Adderall is available in the following strengths:

  • Adderall 5mg
  • Adderall 7. 5 mg 
  • Adderall 10 mg 
  • Adderall 12. 5mg 
  • Adderall 15mg 
  • Adderall 30 mg

In addition, Your doctor may initially start with high-dose medicine, and the maintenance dose will be relatively low for managing the symptoms of ADHD and Narcolepsy.

 Who should not take Adderall?

Adderall is safe to use, and if the FDA approves it in case of any preexisting health condition, it is not safe as it may worsen preexisting health conditions. Adderall is FDA approved medication, and it is vital to inform your doctor about it. 

  • If you are allergic to Adderall active OR in an active ingredient of the drug,
  • If you have preexisting health conditions, including Renal OR liver health conditions,
  • If you have been ON MAO inhibitors, then it is not safe for you to take them as they may cause serious health issues. If you have been on MAO inhibitors, then Avoid the dose for at least 15 days as it can worsen OR certain drugs, when used together, may result in fatal drug interaction.

Risk and benefit of Long-term use of Adderall

Weight loss and stunted growth in teenagers as Adderall are safe for both kids and adults, and the potential risk includes- high blood pressure and rapid heart rate. In addition, according to research, long-term drug use may negatively impact and cause brain alterations in adults and children.

 Other long-term Adderall side effects include

  • Aggression,
  • Changes in mood and behavior 
  • Dependency and addiction 
  • Erectile dysfunction, heart problems, and stroke.

How to take Adderall?

Adderal is an oral therapy, and the drug dose will differ for different patients. Follow your doctor’s orders and directions to take Adderall.

Adderall is a controlled substance, and drug abuse and misuse risk are high. Therefore it is essential to take it as per the instruction for optimum relief. Don’t stop taking Adderall before your doctor tells you to, and it is essential to follow your doctor’s instructions is essential for optimum relief. Take this as advised for optimum relief, and you can have it with or without food; however, it is advisable to take it early in the day and avoid it later in the day as it may cause insomnia and allied issues.

Adderall is an oral medication for the management  and prevention of ADHD and Narcolepsy, and it is the first line of attack for  treating Adhd and allied condition 

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