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Prescription of doctor

We do provide recommendations from experts and professionals but it is best to have a health checkup with a doctor and physician advice before taking medicine. In a few cases, you may also get prescription from us along with medicine.

Third-party website

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Harm from medicines

The medicines that are sold by domain have their precautions already mentioned in their descriptions. So, we are not responsible for any harm resulting from the intake of our medicines. As we are clearly mentioning the possible harmful effects of medicines, the medicines should be taken knowing the side effects.

In case you have any confusion, you can contact our support team or consult a doctor. If you are not sure about the intake of medicines, then you should avoid taking them. Instructions that we mention on our products are for informational purposes only. Information is based on our research of the past cases of our customers.


There are certain medicines that you may find on our website that can result in some extent of addiction. The domain cannot be held responsible for your condition of being addicted to our medicines. We also clearly mention in our product description that the medicine may or may not be addictive.

Negative Effects of drugs

In case our medicine is causing negative effects to you, then it is advisable to stop taking the medicine. It is not compulsory that the medicines may suit every single person. The effects of medicines are based on various factors. Such factors include the health of a person, dosage suitable for the person, and much more.

Delivery of the products

There are times when there is a delay in delivery due to a number of reasons. We make sure that the products are always delivered on time. It Is advisable to have patience when the delivery of the products get delayed and contact us.