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How To Spot Fake Blue Xanax Bars B707?

Generic name: Alprazolam

Brand Name: Blue Xanax Bars


Fake Blue Xanax Bars B707

Counterfeit drugs need no introduction as these fake drugs are available in both generic products and branded meds. According to the global health agency, 25% of meds are counterfeit, and it comprises more than $ 200 billion industry and its global threat to public health. It results in many issues ranging from increased morbidity, treatment effectiveness, and mortality rate and a tight blow to the holistic health care system. The incidence of fake drugs and medicine is high, and as a result, it is difficult to discern between fake and genuine Blue Xanax Bars B707, but now you can spot the fake drug with naked eyes and be the pro buyer.

Fake Xanax and its Impact on Society

It is needless to mention that it is one of the biggest culprits in the healthcare industry as they play with the lives of innocent people. Here we will precisely deal with Blue Xanax Bars B707 and how you can buy 100 % genuine products. Buying fake Xanax is dangerous for health and poses a health contradiction.

Since fake and original products are cloned to the extent that you cannot differentiate between the simulated and actual Blue Xanax Bars B707. It’s easy to get fooled but not anymore as here you will find the sure-shot and foolproof ways that will assist you in buying 100% authentic and genuine medicine. Let us quickly delve into how we can identify fake Xanax bars.

 What is Blue Xanax Bars B707?

Blue Xanax( alprazolam ) is a rectangular blue bar used for anti-anxiety medication. Blue Xanax Bars B707 comes from the family of benzodiazepines that activates the GABA, which binds precisely at the place of benzo. This rectangular pill will not only curb panic attacks and anxiety, and seizures. It is an effective drug that will help you stay calm and composed, but fake products will not yield the result, giving zilch effectiveness. 

Blue Xanax Bars B707 is a potent drug used to manage anxiety and panic disorder, and it is a potent formulation for managing conditions in an effective manner.

 It is a fast-acting tranquilizer from the family of triazolobenzodiazepines (TBD).  

The General Side effects of genuine Xanax are similar. They are akin to benzodiazepines – Drowsiness, lethargy, dizziness, whereas fake products may not induce any side effects due to inaccurate active ingredients. In addition, dangerous side effects of counterfeit Xanax bar that include Fentanyl are as follows:

  • The decreased effort to breath 
  •  Nausea and vomiting
  •  Itching and hives 
  •  Hallucination
  •  Depression
  • Insomnia 
  • Bad OR vague dreams 

 What are the dangers of having Fake Xanax? 

It is needless to mention that buying bogus/fake Blue Xanax Bars B707 is inherently dangerous, and there are specific foolproof ways that will help you purchase genuine products online. Let us quickly see those points that will help you be a savvy buyer, and you can buy original and unadulterated blue Xanax Bars B707.

  • It is essential to pay attention to the appearance of the pill. The finishing of the drug is rough and lacks smoothness and blue color is also very off.
  • According to WHO, counterfeit drugs have incorrect active ingredients that harm overall health that may lead to toxicity and sustained buildup in the system due to the inferior quality of the component.
  • Inability to cure the disease that escalates the morbidity rates prevalence and morbidity of the disease, which is dangerous for health. 
  • Fake Blue Xanax Bars B707 may include a dangerous substance called Fentanyl (most potent opioid) and other opioids that are dangerous for health that may result in severe health contradiction and even cause death.
  • Host of germ and bacteria Counterfeit drugs are made from Alprazolam powder and converted into tablets through a pill press device. 

In addition, it is expedient to buy it from approved and genuine pharmacies so that you are sure of the quality and authenticity of the drug.

How to spot fake Xanax bars?

The big mystery is differentiating between the original and bogus products. When using Blue Xanax Bars B707  for recreational purposes, the chances are high of procuring the drug from street peddlers that result in drug abuse and pose an impending health risk in the long haul.

  • The color of the tablet is light blue. Check the packaging. It is a red flag if you see changes in printing, such as a faded logo, an uneven appearance, rough edges
  • Unusual font, spelling mistakes, print color
  • Check the registration number, batch number, expiry date, and address of the manufacturer.
  •  Check the information on primary and secondary packets.  

All these points mentioned above will assist you in discerning the quality of the drug, and at the same time, it will save you from buying fake products.

How to test that you have ingested the fake Xanax bar?

Now that you have a doubt OR have ingested fake Blue Xanax Bars B707, here is the simple test through which you can quickly test. Fentanyl test is one of the reliable tests to spot fake Xanax. According to the medical report from the University of Maryland, study Fentanyl tops the list when it comes to counterfeit Xanax ingestion, which leads to a fatal overdose in some cases.


There has been mushrooming of fake and adulterated B707 Xanax pills, and these pills have B707 engraved on one side. Fake Xanax B707 is a dark blue laced with Fentanyl (potent opioid), a habit-forming and addictive drug. 

Drug Peddlers are producing fake 2 mg Xanax as it is a cheaper option, and it delivers high just with a low dose of the drug.

Blue Xanax Bars B707 is a prescription medicine; therefore, the best is to take it from an authentic e pharmacy so that you get the best quality product delivered at your doorstep. 

In addition, it is essential to do a background check before buying meds online to avoid buying adulterated and fake products. Ask your health care personnel about the pros and cons of taking any medicine, let alone Xanax bar.


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