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What is Soma 350mg?

Soma 350mg, additionally known by its conventional name carisoprodol, is a muscle relaxant recommended to ease intense musculoskeletal pain and pressure. Soma is now and again mishandled recreationally for its calming properties, and interminable abuse can prompt physical reliance and compulsion. Passing from an overdose or the conceivably extreme narcotic withdrawal disorder is a worry, and the individuals who figure they may have an issue with Soma dependence should look for help from an expert recovery office.

Soma 350mg is the brand name for the professionally prescribed medication carisoprodol, a muscle relaxer with narcotic properties that discourages movement in the focal apprehensive system. A nonexclusive compound type of medication contains both anti-inflammatory medicine and carisoprodol, and another contains carisoprodol, ibuprofen, and the narcotic painkiller codeine.

Specialists endorse Soma, related to rest and active recuperation, to help calm muscle pressure and pain related to wounds, for example, hyper-extended or stressed muscles.2 However, a few people misuse the medication for the sentiments of sedation and unwinding it produces. The individuals who abuse Soma regularly do as such in blend with different substances.

Soma can upgrade the impacts of alcohol, different narcotics, and narcotic painkillers.3 actually, individuals with a reliance on drugs or benzodiazepines will now and then go to Soma as a substitute if those medications are unavailable.

Effects of Soma 350mg

In recommended doses, the therapeutic advantages of Soma 350mg produce results inside around 30 minutes. These impacts last 4–6 hours and include:

  • Decreased muscle pain.
  • Loosened up muscles.
  • Sleepiness.

At higher dosages, Soma can prompt a euphoric high. Sensations may include:

  • Increased vibes of habit-forming.
  • Increased vitality.
  • Increased socialization.
  • Raised state of mind.
  • Mind flights.

Joining Soma with different medications, for example, narcotics, alcohol, or benzodiazepines, may improve these effects.

Risks Associated with Soma 350mg

While Soma is commonly safe when taken as endorsed by a specialist, there are potential symptoms. These can include:

  • Wooziness.
  • Cerebral pains.
  • Sluggishness.
  • Quick pulse.
  • Awkwardness.
  • Mind flights.
  • Amnesia.

Probably the most severe hazard related to Soma is an overdose.

The use of Soma can initiate issues with memory, discernment, and coordination, particularly in more seasoned individuals. It builds a client’s danger of injury from falls or mishaps while working a vehicle or overwhelming machinery.

Perhaps the most severe hazard related to Soma is an overdose. Taking large doses of the medication can bring about critical clinical complexities, which can be deadly in some cases.

Indications of Overdose 

It is conceivable to overdose on Soma 350mg, and the quantity of individuals who overdose on the medication is rising every year. The amount of crisis room visits identified with Soma overdoses multiplied from 15,830 visits in 2004 to 31,763 visits in 2009.4 In 1/3 of these crisis room visits, the individual gets admitted to the clinic for additional treatment.4 Signs of a Soma overdose include:

  • Slow breathing.
  • Low circulatory strain.
  • Loss of muscle control.
  • Unbending muscles.
  • Dull or uncontrolled eye movements.
  • Obscured vision.
  • Widened students.
  • Mind flights.
  • Ridiculousness.
  • Seizures
  • Trance state.

Soma overdose requires prompt clinical consideration. If you presume somebody has overdosed on Soma, call 911.

Mixing in with Other Drugs 

Recreational clients at times blend Soma 350mg in with different medications or alcohol to upgrade the soothing and loosening up properties of the two substances. Some compound types of carisoprodol as of now contain codeine, a narcotic painkiller, so joining Soma with different narcotics is particularly risky.

The danger of overdose rises altogether when clients blend Soma in with different substances that discourage certain vital elements of the focal sensory system, for example, breath and pulse. Antidepressants, alcohol, narcotics, and benzodiazepines, for example, Xanax or Valium, all expansion the danger of an overdose when taken with Soma.

An investigation directed by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) found that in crisis room visits identified with Soma, 77% of cases included other doctor-prescribed medications: 55% added narcotics and 47% included benzodiazepines. Furthermore, 12% of Soma-related ER visits additionally included alcohol.

Blending Soma in with different medications has become so mainstream that there are even slang terms for the training. “Soma Coma” is the road name for Soma blended in with codeine, while Soma and Vicodin taken together are known as the “Las Vegas Cocktail.”

Notwithstanding the danger of overdose and other wellbeing intricacies, people who misuse Soma alone or in a mix with different medications face a threat of creating impulsive and tranquilizing practices that could prompt addiction.


Dependence is an interminable condition in which an individual continues searching out and using drugs, despite encountering severe adverse outcomes from doing as such. With numerous kinds of substance fixation, changes occur in mind after some time that makes it hard for the individual to control their impulse to use the medication.

Addiction is now and again attached to the double procedures of resistance and reliance. As resilience expands, individuals discover they have to take developing measures of the medication to accomplish the ideal reaction. As the examples of Soma misuse raise, noteworthy physical reliance is nearly ensured to create. When it does, the body will have become so used to the nearness of the medication that it needs it to feel typical. An individual who is severely subject to Soma will encounter withdrawal indications on the off chance that they suddenly quit using it.

Building up some level of either resistance or reliance doesn’t mean an individual is dependent on Soma. However, they get connected. Somebody dependent on Soma will continue taking the medication, notwithstanding severe physical, social, or mental consequences.6 Someone might be determined to have fixation if they involvement with least 2 of the accompanying signs and side effects over a time of a year or less:

  • Taking Soma over a more drawn out timeframe or in more noteworthy sums than expected
  • Needing to curtail, or attempting to reduce medicate use, however not having the option to do as such
  • Encountering solid longings to use Soma
  • Investing a considerable amount of energy attempting to get Soma, taking Soma, and recouping from using Soma
  • Performing inadequately grinding away or in school, or ignoring family obligations given medication to use
  • Using the medication even though it makes struggle with family or companions
  • Using Soma in hazardous circumstances, for example, when driving
  • Proceeding to take the medication even though it irritates a clinical or mental condition
  • Building up a resistance to Soma
  • Encountering physical withdrawal when medication use is halted or decreased


At the point when an individual who is subject to Soma 350mg quits using the medication, they are probably going to encounter specific physical indications of withdrawal. Withdrawal happened when the body had gotten needy upon a substance, and that substance gets pulled back.

Soma 350mg withdrawal effects include:

  • A sleeping disorder.
  • Stomach cramps.
  • Cerebral pain.
  • Muscle pain.
  • Uneasiness.
  • Peevishness.
  • Chills.
  • Sickness.
  • Fantasies.
  • Daydreams.
  • Tremors.
  • Seizures, which can be deadly

Experts suggest that you regularly take Soma  350mg “without any weaning period” yet preferably gradually taper off the medication. Due to the potential for severe and perhaps lethal symptoms, clinical management gets prescribed when you’re prepared to quit using Soma 350mg. Experts suggest that you regularly take Soma “without any weaning period” yet somewhat gradually taper off the drug.

An expert detox officer can assist you in deciding the best tapering plan for your case—for instance, a suggested tapering plan for a moderately sound individual younger than 65 in 4 days. People taking more than 1400 mg of Soma 350mg for every day, who are beyond 65 years old, or who have kidney or blood sickness, may require a more extended shape time off as long as nine days.

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