Types of Xanax Bars

Different Types Of Xanax Bars

What is Xanax?

Xanax is a benzodiazepine that contains alprazolam. It is one of the most common psychiatric medications used in the United States of America. It is an oral medication available in both generic and trade name forms.

The United States government patented Xanax in 1971 and approved it for medical use in the year 1981. It is a schedule-IV controlled substance and also has a potential for abuse.

What does Xanax do?

Xanax is a medicine that helps treat different types of anxiety disorders, namely generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorder and short-term symptoms of anxiety-like insomnia and depression.

The label of FDA advises that health care experts should periodically reassess the effectiveness and usefulness of the medication for each patient.

Xanax effects typically start within half an hour and last for four to six hours. It works in the brain to bind to the GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) type-A receptors, which causes relief from the symptoms of anxiety and calms the brain.

In what strengths is Xanax available?

Xanax is available in different strengths of alprazolam in the immediate release and extended-release formulations:

The immediate-release Xanax comes in:

  • Xanax 0.25 mg tablets
  • Xanax 0.50 mg tablets
  • Xanax 1 mg tablets
  • Xanax 2 mg tablets

The extended-release Xanax comes in:

  • Xanax 0.50 mg pills
  • Xanax 1 mg pills
  • Xanax 2 mg pills
  • Xanax 3 mg pills

What are the different types of Xanax?

Xanax is available in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. The primary category on which Xanax is classified is their colors. On the basis of color, the different types of Xanax include:

  • Green Xanax:

The green color of Xanax comes in the highest strength of alprazolam in both immediate-release and extended-release formulations. Many pharmaceutical companies manufacture green Xanax. It comes in the strengths of 2 mg and 3 mg in oval, elliptical, round, and triangle shapes. Green Xanax is famous on the streets with the names of monster Xanax and hulk Xanax.

  • Yellow Xanax:

The yellow color Xanax bars are the most popular forms of the medication. It comes in different strengths of 0.25 mg, 0.50 mg, 1 mg, and 2 mg of alprazolam in the round, oval, elliptical, rectangular, and triangular shapes. Yellow Xanax is famous on the streets with the school bus, yellow bus, and others.

  • White Xanax:

White color is the most widely used color for medications. White Xanax tablets do not contain any added colors. All strengths of Xanax bars, including 0.25 mg, 0.50 mg, 1 mg, and 2 mg comes in white colors in the shape of rectangle, round, oval, and elliptical. The street names of white Xanax include planks, bicycle parts, Xannies, and others

  • Blue Xanax:

Blue Xanax is a less known medication. It comes in the strength of 2 mg of alprazolam in the immediate release formulation. Blue Xanax is the shape of a bar or rectangle and has the street name blue plank.

  •  Pink Xanax: pink

Xanax is a smaller dose of Xanax. Doctors usually prescribe pink Xanax to the patients of generalized anxiety disorder as they need a low dose of alprazolam every 4-6 hours. It comes in the strength of 0.50 mg in oval, elliptical, or round shapes. The street names of pink Xanax include pink Xannies and school girls.

  • Peach or orange Xanax: peach or orange Xanax is also a lower dose of alprazolam. It treats the short term symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder. It comes in the strength of 0.50 mg in round, oval, or elliptical shapes. The street names of orange or peach Xanax include orange bars, orangies, and others.

What are the slangs and street names for different types of Xanax bars?

There are many slangs and popular street names used to refer to the different types of Xanax bars. People started using these as the medication’s causal names based upon their color, shape, size, and/or strength. Xanax abusers most often use these.

Green Xanax bars:

  • Monster Xanax
  • Hulk Xanax
  • Green monster

Yellow Xanax bars:

  • School bus
  • Yellow bus
  • Yellow stick

White Xanax bars:

  • Bicycle parts
  • Sticks
  • Z-bars
  • Totem poles

Blue Xanax:

  • Blue football
  • Blue plank

Pink Xanax:

  • Xannies
  • Schoolgirls

Peach or orange Xanax:

  • Orangies
  • Orange bars
  • Peachies

How people abuse Xanax bars?

Xanax bars abuse is common in every age group. The use of the medication outside of prescription guidelines may lead to dependence or addiction, and mixing Xanax bars with other drugs can be life-threatening.

The dangers of abusing Xanax bars are high when taken in excess, and they can worsen with uncontrolled use of Xanax. Some adverse effects of Xanax bars abuse include:

  • Memory loss
  • Sleepwalking
  • Slurred speech
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Dry mouth
  • Constipation
  • Seizures
  • Mood swings
  • Change in sex drive
  • Change in weight and appetite
  • Lack of balance and coordination

The most common way of abusing Xanax bars is orally or sublingually dissolving the pills underneath the tongue. Other methods of Xanax abuse include snorting the pills by making a powder of them and injecting the drug directly into the body by making a solution of the tablets.

Xanax snorting can irritate the nasal tissues and cause bleeding as it is directly inhaled into the lungs. Doing this for a long duration can wear a hole in the nasal septum or the wall between the nostrils.

As Xanax bars are not soluble in water, injection is not a popular mode of Xanax abuse. It is easy to dissolve them in propylene glycol, but the solution may be painful when injected. Injection Xanax abuse can potentially cause bacterial skin infections and spread fatal diseases like Hepatitis C and HIV.

Can someone overdose on Xanax bars?

Using benzodiazepines like Xanax with other central nervous system depressing agents can be very dangerous. Opioids, alcohol, or other benzodiazepines mixed with Xanax bars causes the central nervous system to slow down too much, which results in extreme sedation, severely depressed breathing, and sometimes coma or death.

Combining Xanax bars with central nervous system stimulants like Adderall (or other amphetamines) or cocaine also possesses the risk of overdose. Depressant and stimulant drugs have opposing effects and may counterbalance each other’s impact on the central nervous system. The combination of relaxation and euphoria may be attractive, but it can lead people to take more of one drug or the other to feel the appropriate “high.”

When a person takes Xanax with another substance, polysubstance abuse, it is difficult to tell how much of each a safe amount is. Various drug combinations have different adverse effects, and most of the time, they increase the chance of overdose.

Why people abuse different types of Xanax bars?

Different types of Xanax bars like green Xanax bars, white Xanax bars, or yellow Xanax bars are the prescription for severe cases of anxiety and panic attacks. However, people without these issues may take the medication without a prescription for their calming and sedative properties. Even people who have a prescription for the medicine may take more of it to get a more significant effect.

Xanax abuse is common due to the calming and relaxing effects of the medication. At daytime, the enhanced GABA activities reduce anxiety problems and also helps induce sleep at night.

What are the uses of Xanax bars?

All the Xanax bars serve similar purposes as they contain the same strength of active ingredient alprazolam. Different types of Xanax bars have identical efficacy and effectiveness. They also produce similar side effects and have the same half-life. The uses of Xanax bars include:

Green Xanax bars :

Green Xanax bars are the most potent and effective form of the medication according to some post-marketing reports and clinical trials. They are most often prescribed for the management of panic attacks and severe anxiety disorder.

Yellow Xanax bars :

Yellow Xanax bars are the generic form of the Xanax. Doctors prescribe them for generalized anxiety disorder treatment and management of the panic disorder. They have alprazolam in the strength of 2 mg, which is a high dose of the drug; that is why they are the most abused Xanax bars.

White Xanax bars :

White Xanax bars are the most commonly prescribed and used Xanax bars. Most healthcare providers of the United States prescribe white Xanax bars to generalized anxiety disorder symptoms, symptoms of anxiety, and panic disorder.

Blue Xanax bars :

Blue Xanax bars contain 1 mg of alprazolam and are less potent than other Xanax bars. They are generally prescribed for the management of different anxiety disorders.

Pink Xanax :

Pink Xanax is a low dose of alprazolam, and hence health care providers prescribe it for the indications of anxiety disorders.

Peach or orange Xanax :

Orange or peach Xanax is a prescription for managing symptoms of anxiety such as depression caused by anxiety or insomnia due to anxiety.

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